Image Festival

In the occasion of The 73rd Venice international film festival (Biennale cinema), made in.. Art Gallery organizes its first “Image Festival”.

The festival will be held at made in.. Art Gallery in Venice from 20 to 31 August 2016.

The curator and the jury will select various photographs and films from worldwide photographers and filmmakers, to promote the various aspects of international films and photographs.

The photographs will be exhibited at the gallery during the festival from 20 to 31 August 2016.

And the films will be screened at the gallery; each film will be screened twice during the festival schedule.

How to submit your work?

Send to

–    Filled submitting form.

–    The photography or link of the film.

–    Trailer of the film if it’s available.

–    Copy of the entry Fees (20 euro)

–    -Biography

Deadline for the entry is 5 August 2016.


-20 euro entry fees for the selections.

-No fees for participating in the festival.

-No fees for the participating in Festival.

-Send email for for having the submitting form and the payment entries methods before 24 July.

-Must send the submitting form filled and signed.

-Must be attached the copy of the entry fees.

-Each entry can send various projects and films.

-For the selected filmmakers must send the film and the poster in high quality before 12 August to

-For the selected photographers must send their work to the gallery before 12 August to this address: Campiello lavadori de lana, Santa croce 270/D, 30135, Venice, Italy. Tel: +39 3480481488

-Each photographer is in charge of his/her works transportation expenses and the gallery doesn’t cover any customs taxes for the arrival of the works.

-Possibility to print and framed the selected photography by the gallery, Service must be reserved before 8 August.

-The gallery will send the various prices of the materials and sizes for printing to be confirmed by the artist.

-The cost of printing and framing the photographs is in charge of the photographer.

-The works must be shipped back from 1 to 5 September from the same address.

-After 5 September must be shipped back from this address: Via del forte 8/11, Zelarino, 30174, Venice, Italy

-Must confirm the day of the arrival and shipping back the work by email.

-made in.. Art Gallery is available for info before 24 July.

-The curator and the jury will send email for each selected filmmaker and photographer 7 August.

-The selected filmmakers and photographers will participate at Image Festival and the Image Festival Book I

It will advertised their photographs and films at the made in.. Art Gallery Facebook page and the site before and during the Festival.

-The inauguration of image Festival (presentation and announcing of the films schedule will be held on 20 August at 7pm at made in.. Art Gallery.