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Group exhibition curated by Enas Elkorashy at made in.. Art Gallery from 25 June to 15 July 2016
Ahmed Abd Elfattah - Aya Elfallah - Bonaventura Giordano - Carina Cheung - Claudio Sireci - Eiman Elgibreen - Farbod Ahmadvand – Gino Baffo - Hala Elsharouny - Heba Abed – Maria Cristina Barbon – Mhanny Yaoud - Miriam Hathout – Nicola Zolin – Nora Almazroon – Patrizia Polese - Rachelle Sawma - Rami Alrabih - Rossano Liberatore – Shereen Elbaroudy – Walaa Metwaly 


                              I D E N T I T Y

Is a group exhibition from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy, Lebanon, Iran and United sates. A group of artists are seeking to emerge identities in their artworks. 
Starting with the image of the exhibition, which is the artwork of the Saudi artist Heba Abed. And it’s part of her series “Scoloma” or blind spot. Describes defective vision and she uses the term to address on over looked element in her society, specifically the loss of the legacy of Arabic which is being over washed by Franco Arabic.
Heba exhibits the IDENTITY of a language.
From the language identity to the word identity, present it in Gino Baffo’s artworks. He exhibits two of his well-known series “The books”. The particular artworks of Gino is given by the use of old books, old pieces of rusty steel, fabrics, .... 
Type of materials intends to be stocked objects. Poor simple materials but are rich in content. 
In gino’s IDENTITY artworks presents the soul of Venice.
Patrizia Polese exhibits her IDENTITY in very delectated artworks. 
Self-portraits photographs taken by her and she added subjects to express what is existence to her heart and her decision to achieve her identity in not a realistic looking for not seeking similarity but what it lies behind.
Patrizia is emerging herself into artworks.
I passegeri della Terra, Three boys and a dream, to travel free in environmentally friendly as possible. And from this journey without money (from Holland to Brazil) become a journey for finding their IDENTITY.
And at the end of this hard long journey each one of them found their Identity. 
The photograph and the Book of Nicola zolin “I passegeri della Terra” present the story of finding IDENTITY.
The fluctuation (oscillazione) is the artwork of Bonaventura Giordano. Which refers to deviations along the path from one point to anther. Presents the path of discovering the IDENTITY. That never goes in a straight line always from one point up to down.
Carina Cheung exhibits part of her series “Tracing shadows under the midnight Sun” in this series Carina draws the shadow of some objects in different times, shows the curiosity of changing the look of the IDENTITY of the object seeing only the shadow not the original object. 
From “tracing shadows under the midnight sun” to the shadows of the butterflies around Maria Cristina Barbon’s sculpture “Where is my wings”. The sculpture presents young girl searching for her freedom. Maria Christina presents a generation searching for freedom to find their IDENTITY.
Rossano Liberatore exhibits his painting “sink mirror” presenting a tool we use it all more or less to look to ourselves and sometimes deeply to try to see who we are and if it’s what we think about ourselves is the same how we look, and if a tool could change what we think about our IDENTITY!
But in shereen Elbaroudy’s artworks is changing the identity or the look of the identity at least. She edits satellite pictures of her city “Cairo” by transforming them to the world she wants, adding her imaginary IDENTITY to it.
Eiman Elgibreen presents “Mobile Homes” is an artwork project start in 2015. Home is one of the most important factors that shapes the person IDENTITY. It’s a place of belonging, stability and dwelling. Mobile Homes is an attempt to express the artist nostalgic feelings after migrating to England and abounding her Mobile Home (Abbaya), and how she linked in the public eyes to terrorism while in her eyes it was no more than a Traditional dress. While Eiman pretended that thing modesty dress does not define her, however it has soon created a tension of losing her IDENTITY, her feeling of hominess. Eiman presents IDENTITY crisis and nostalgic. 
In Farbod Ahmadvand’s Artwork is a simple of girl child in a shape of green stone. A simple of desire he always dreams of it. 
Farbod presents IDENTITY of desire.
Hala Elsharouny presents IDENTITY of the modern Egyptian women and Miriam Hathout presents IDENTITY of the traditional Egyptian women at the countryside. Both the Images of those identities are not expected not only the modern Egyptian women as well the traditional one as we used to see the wrong image of the Middle Eastern women through the media. 
Hala and Miriam exhibit the IDENTITY of women. 
In Ahmed Abdelfattah’s artwork has no story but I find it interesting to create by own story this time. And it could be open for visitors to create their own stories. 
In his artwork I see the IDENTITY of the man who thinks he is the king, at least in his own small life with his daily details because of masculine society we live in. In the artwork the image of the king doesn’t match the realistic portrait. Because actually he is not the king it’s pretending identity. 
In Ahmed artworks I can see the pretending IDENTITY. 
They often say that beauty lies in the eye of beholder, and Nora Almazrooa believes that it applies to happiness as well. We see the world through what lives inside of us, and whatever is that surrounds us; are tools to articulate that notion. The art pieces were inspired by the Kaleidoscope concept. Nora applied that principal into a found object “Helmets” that signifies the world in which a person utilizes to view the world through, each helmet in the series reflects a particular aspect of happiness.
Nora presents the IDENTIY of the happiness. 
Probably one of the things in our daily life to define the identities of the persons is The Music they hear. The music titles the IDETITY of the persons. Claudio Sereci presents in his artworks the IDENTITY through the music. 
Aya Elfallah exhibits one of her new series, the one she expresses her fusion of habits in the last 10 years; between painting and posting in the wall of he studio/room pictures, writings,.. ect. In this series she express herself as an artist and a person. Aya exhibits the IDENTITY of an artist life.
At the end Walaa Metwally exhibits three paintings of long series and personal observing. In the roof of house where she grew up there is kind of Egyptian pigeon’s nests “Elbenia” they are hanged up in different positions. She observed them for long and she saw they are source of life but when they are deserted, her Observation figures kind of Identities and stories in each one. Walaa matches her personal observation with identity of the real world, creates symbolic paintings of nests refers to the identities of the real world around her. 
In Rami Alrabih’s Film “mirror oh mirror” presents two IDENTIES of two girls an Arabic veiled woman who lives in Beirut and a stripper who based in Paris. Mirror oh mirror is an observational story from the point of view of two mirrors in their room. 
At the end through the film of Rachelle Sawma; she presents the IDENTITY of the memory. 

Enas Elkorashy
June, 2016

45 (5)
Photos: https://www.facebook.com/madein.artgallery/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1412729048742808

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