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made in .. Art Gallery

Founded in 2015 in Venice, By the artist and curator Enas Elkorashy 

It’s an international art space for established worldwide contemporary and modern artists. The gallery aims to show different facets of identities, culture, humanity, … through Art, as well cinematography and fashion.

The gallery is located in Venice in a historical palace from the 19th century in Campiello Lavadori de Lana nearby Piazzale Roma.

The gallery has been inaugurated by the important pioneer Italian artist from Venice Franco Renzulli with a solo exhibition presenting for the first time his artworks he has done in New York in the 80s including the unique masterpiece of the twins towers in the 80s. 

made in.. Art Gallery is the exclusive gallery presents Franco Renzulli in Italy and internationally now.

From 2015 to present, The gallery presents pioneer worldwide artists and most of them for the first time in Venice, promoting them and developing their international profiles. Such as Adeline Christin ( France ) , Samir Fouad (Egypt ), Marya Kazoun ( Lebanon ) , Yang Xiagjian ( China ), Nicola Zolin ( Italy ), Khaled Zaki ( Egypt ) , Marian Cristina Barbon ( Italy ) , Eiman Elgibreen ( KSA ) , Carina Cheung ( USA ) , Heba Abed ( KSA ) , Patrizia Polese ( Italy ) , Jessica Daynes ( Australia ) , Cristiano Vettore ( Italy ) , Maysa Mohamad ( Syria ) , Laure Keyrouz ( Lebanon ) , Martina Fontana ( Italy ) , Nora Almazroon ( KSA ) , Albano Paolinelli ( Italy ) , … and much more Italian and international artists. 

In 2018, Enas Elkorashy has curated the exhibition of the modern artist Soshana, Austria (1927 – 2015)  presenting her work in the 50s in the solo exhibition “1953 Bittersweet”, Soshana since the 50s her work became promoted by Max G.Bollag Gallery in Zurich, one of the galleries promoted and exhibited for Paolo Picasso at those years. Soshana drew few portraits of Picasso in the early 50s and has been exhibited at made in.. Art Gallery and two of them are from the private collection of the gallery now. In 1954 Picasso drew a portrait of Soshana. As well Alberto Giacometti has drawn various portraits of her. The important protagonist of Giacometti’s artworks the Japanese professor “Isaku Yanaihara” was the protagonist of one of Soshana’s artworks in 1956,  and this artwork has been exhibited for the first time exclusively in made in.. Art Gallery.

The founder 

Enas Elkorashy, Graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo in 2008, in the same year she moved to live and study in Venice, Italy. The first years she exhibited her paintings in Italy and Europe. In 2013, Started her career as Art Curator by curating and organizing “The First Egyptian collective in Venice”  During the inauguration of 55th Venice Art Biennale, presenting pioneer Egyptian artists such as Ibrahim Eldessouki.

From 2013 to 2015 she finished her Fashion Design study at Academia Del Lusso. In 2015 she back to the art again by founding made in.. Art Gallery to become the first Arab art gallery in Italy. Her passion for Contemporary art has allowed her to develop her skills as a creative organizer of art exhibitions.

In 2017 She moved in UAE to develop her art curating skills in the Arab world. From the first year in UAE she had the chance to collaborate with important established international artists such as Richard Orlinski ( France ), ElSeed ( Tunisia ) , Ahmad Moualla ( Syria ) , Zhuang Hong Yi ( China ) , Derrick Santini ( UK ) , Hunt Slonem ( USA ), .. and much more of international artists.

In 2018 has curated an inauguration exhibition of a new art gallery in Dubai,  presenting 28 pioneer modern and contemporary Arab and worldwide established artists with 60 artworks and masterpieces. In that exhibition has the honor to present a selection of renowned and award-winning modern Egyptian artists such as Georgie Bahqoury, Guirguis Lorfy, Samir Fouad, Sayed Abd Elrasoul and Sayed Saad Eldin. As well a various selection of Contemporary artists such as Ahmed Abdel Fattah ( Egypt ), Blu Smith ( Canada ) ,  Eiman Elgibreen ( KSA ), Fahad AlNaymah ( KSA ) , Hend Adnan ( Syria ) , Laura Iniesta ( Spain ) , Najlaa AlSaleem ( KSA ) , Nazir Tanbouli ( Egypt ) , Patrizia Polese ( Italy ) , Souske ( Japan ) , .. and much more. Elkorashy’s continues to develop her curating career and present her artists internationally and develop their portfolios. 

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