what we do

made in art galleryInfo: madein.artgallery@gmail.com

What we do

-Organization of cultural events.
-Organization of private or corporate events.
-Communication and marketing.
-Location management.

Our efficiency is the result of a good planning, a clear project and a constant supervision. 
We develop high quality design solutions for all kind of artworks and installations, employing the right materials while keeping competitive costs. 
We are supported by local technical specialists and craftsmen. Our aim is to provide excellent exhibition designs whilst catering for the client's needs and respecting the features of the existing spaces. 


-proper Art space.
-Include the art exhibition into Venice Biennale (national pavilion or collateral pavilion ).
-Curators, art critics, press communications and artworks sales.
-Exhibition permits including outdoor publicity permits such as the entrance banner, totems, posters,..
-Publicity and advertisement programs (outdoor publicity plan + ads in art magazines and newspaper).
-International invitation list. 
-Installation and dismantling.
-Insurance for the space and artworks. 
-Daily contacts with the international and local media.
-Opening ceremony, inauguration cocktail and after party cocktail. 
-Photography and video services. 
-Graphic design and Web page services. 
-Assisting with customs formalities and international shipping.
-The proper exhibition staff with the knowledge of art and languages. 
-VIP hospitality service.
-Reports with contacts, daily number of visitors etc.
-Translations in English, Italian and Arabic.
-Exhibition security controls.

Our space  is available for rent to selective art events. 
Il nostro spazio (made in.. Art Gallery ) è disponibile per l'affitto per selezionate mostre di arte . 

For more info please contact us 
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+39 347 35.97.195
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